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Thank you to everyone who left a comment in response to my celebratory book giveaway. I appreciate all of you more than you know! Through a random drawing, the following fifteen people are winners – CONGRATULATIONS!

  1. Leila Harris
  2. Gloria Walsh
  3. K. Smothers
  4. Doggydd
  5. Jean Brick
  6. Ishita Sood
  7. Carol Sansone
  8. Sister Therese Ann Rich
  9. Nicole Ray
  10. Gina Lipari Jack Williams
  11. Jack Erickson
  12. Giuseppe
  13. Alessandro Zamboni
  14. Jackson JC9
  15. Sandra MacBryde
My Love Affair with Sicily book cover
My Love Affair with Sicily book cover


Memoirs of a Solo Traveler - My Love Affair with Italy
Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love Affair with Italy

As stated in the original post, I will e-mail each of the winners and you can choose which book you’d like~either Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love Affair with Italy or My Love Affair with Sicily. Ten of the winners will receive e-books and the following five winners will receive autographed paperback editions:

Gloria Walsh
Gina Lipari Jack Williams
Nicole Ray
Jean Brick

I hope you enjoy traveling with me through Italy and Sicily.

Mille Grazie.

In a few weeks I will be in Italy so please stay tuned for up-to-date posts and photos from Milano, Napli, the Amalfi Coast, Lucca, Bagni di Lucca, Colle d’Anchise, Desenzano, and Venice!




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  1. Grazie mille! I anticipate visiting my homeland through your heart and eyes! A Love Affair with Italy if possible….

  2. Wow, I won one of your books. I’d love the one about your love affair with Italy as I leave in two weeks for Umbria and Tuscany!!!! To indulge in ‘my Italian love affair’…….

  3. Congrats to your winners! They are in for a real treat with your either books!

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