New Concept in Travel ~ Custom Luggage from UGOBAGS

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DSCN4481 (640x481)I am so excited about my new custom luggage from UGOBAGS. A brand new company, UGOBAGS is based in California, where each piece of luggage is assembled, after being customized to one’s specifications.

As a participant in their Kickstarter campaign this past spring, I recently received my own customized carry-on size bag. It is perfect for weekend trips when I don’t need to check a bag, and I’ll be trying it out this weekend, in fact.

DSCN4486 (478x640)For my upcoming trip to Italy though, I decided I need the mid-size bag, so I ordered one with the same custom logo as my smaller bag. I couldn’t be more pleased!

DSCN4475 (640x479)The construction is 100 percent polycarbonate in a choice of white, silver, or black. I chose the silver. The four wheels are the 360-degree spinner type and seem very durable. I was able to choose the color of my choice for the wheels, bumpers and handles.

The fully-lined interior has numerous separate pockets and zippered spaces for efficient and organized packing.

DSCN4470 (640x480)DSCN4473 (640x480)Even the lock is TSA approved.

DSCN4474 (640x480)To customize you can either use one of UGOBAGS’ designs or upload your own photo and logo or text. Their designers are glad to help with the details at no extra charge. I found the entire process to be pleasant. Both persons I spoke with during my customization process were friendly and more than helpful.

I was so impressed by the care UGOBAGS exercised in the packaging and shipping of my luggage. Shipping was free and my bag arrived within a few days.

DSCN4465 (640x481)Delivered by FedEx in a sturdy cardboard box, my luggage was completely wrapped in bubble wrap, and beneath that, was enclosed inside a fabric bag with a drawstring. I may use the bag as a laundry bag when traveling. It was apparent that every detail was carefully considered. they even included a luggage tag.

I recommend this company to anyone who needs some new luggage and wants something unique. As for me, having this bag customized with the logo from my blog is great advertising for me. For a limited time, you can take advantage of a 15 percent discount from UGOBAGS by clicking on the words below. I am not receiving any compensation from them for posting this. I would like to see that the company does well since I like the product so much, and am happy to help promote it.

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  1. Sherry

    This is really cool! I love the idea of a new carry-on bag! Going to check them out! Thank you, Margie.

  2. Anonymous

    I love the modern yet very classy look of your new luggage.
    The normal look leaves a lot to be desired and this is definitely something that is not standard!
    What a wonderful concept!
    You are looking wonderful Margie along side of your luggage.

  3. Taylor

    This is fantastic! So sharp and sleek! I wish I hadn’t bought new luggage before my UK trip…this would have been so cool.
    Great post…

  4. stephanie710

    What a great idea, and I love that you can customize it. They’re going to be a big hit on your upcoming Italy trip. I think Autumn needs one of these for her long weekends. 🙂 Good luck with the new gear, and I’m sure you plan to put many miles on them.

  5. ishitasood

    OMG Margie!! What a lovely Monday mrng news 😀 Absolutely love the customized bit and you look adorable with it.. Ciao 🙂

  6. Ruth Rainwater

    This sounds like a fantastic idea, Margie. And I love being able to customize – makes it easier to pick out your own bag on the carousel! I would consider this if I traveled at all.

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