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Today I would like to welcome Almut Metzroth, author and editor, to my blog. I am honored to interview her and share her perspectives on editing for authors. She is the editor of many books and I am fortunate to be able to say that she is the editor of both of my books. Welcome, Almut!

IMG_2190 Almut 1How long have you been editing books?
As soon as I had my book published in 2007, my fellow writers from two workshops asked me to edit their books.

What is your teaching background?
I taught five levels of high school German for 28 years in Massachusetts and two levels of French when needed. In advanced levels I edited students’ weekly blogs in German.

When did editing become more appealing to you than writing?
When editing occupied my time, earlier studies of languages, as well as memorable years of teaching, made my choice easy: I put writing on hold.

What are your main concerns as an editor?
Effective communication with authors as regards clarity of expression, accuracy – especially in the use of foreign languages in dialogue or for concepts accepted in English – as well as veracity and credibility in memoirs.

Can you describe the term hopscotching?
This term refers to jumping around from one topic to another before finishing the first one but later returning to it. A “cut and paste” restores the flow of the writing.

How many times is normal to rewrite a manuscript before it is ready to publish?
There is no norm. An author with academic experience in creative writing, or with the mechanics of it gained in writers groups, needs fewer rewrites than a beginner.

What words of advice can you give a new writer?
Be unafraid to fill your first blank page. Keep writing. Find out which style feels natural. If you are more comfortable with chapter outlines, write those. After one chapter, join writers groups where participants critique each  other’s work.

Are you currently accepting new manuscripts for editing?
I am available for editing on a first-come basis. If the writing samples are acceptable, I’ll advise the individual writer after reading an introduction to the work in progress and chapters one to three.

Almut Metzroth is a member of the Treasure Coast Writers Guild and a published author. Her memoir, Thorns and Roses: A Life in the Context of History, published in 2007, received a Royal Palm Literary Award in the History/Biography/Memoir category from The Florida Writers Association. She and her husband make their home on the Treasure Coast of Florida.

Contact Almut Metzroth  for editing at

Thank you again Almut for sharing your wisdom on editing here. And keep those red pens handy! You are the best!

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  1. imarancher

    Have known writers but never an editor. Now that listing on the bucket list if checked. Thank you Margie and Ms Almut Hezroth.

  2. lizbert1

    As a beginner, its always useful to hear from experts so thanks for this and good luck with your writing too!

    • Jill

      This is a GREAT Interview! Loved your choice of questions, Almut’s responses, and the beautiful photo of Almut portrays her wisdom and spirit! It was an honor to meet Almut and Bert recently. Almut is Editor of Choice! Thank-You for this excellent interview!

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