My Love Affair with Sicily – Book Giveaway

My Love Affair with Sicily book cover
My Love Affair with Sicily book cover

Okay – I can say that I am excited because I am almost ready to publish my second book. For anyone who has been following my blog or my Twitter account, you already know that I have been working on My Love Affair with Sicily ever since I returned from Italy last September. Some of you have already had a sneak peek at the cover. And I truly appreciate all of your feedback on it. Grazie mille.

The book is in the final editing process and is almost ready to go. I hate to jinx myself and give a date yet, so I am refraining from doing so…just yet.

Sicilian Cannoli
Sicilian Cannoli

But, as promised, I am going to do a give-away and it is going to be easy to enter. At the end of this blog post, just leave a comment with  hashtag, MyLoveAffairwithSicily. For those of you who are not on Twitter and are unfamiliar with what a hashtag is, here is an example: #MyLoveAffairwithSicily. That is all you have to do. You do not even have to write anything unless you want to, and you don’t have to be a follower on the blog either. Below this post is a place for comments and just write #MyLoveAffairwithSicily. Of course please feel free to also leave a comment if you wish.

Shoemaker in Palermo
Shoemaker in Palermo

I will select 4 random entries and give away 2 autographed copies of My Love Affair with Sicily and 2 e-Books. So, start commenting and stay tuned. I will be posting one or two more times before the end of the drawing. I will collect all the comments following this post, as well as comments left after the next one or two posts that I write before my book is available for sale, and place them in the drawing. You may leave as many comments as you like. but up to three per person will be added to the drawing.

The Sicilian countryside
The Sicilian countryside

I will notify the winners by way of a blog post as well as by email and will request your addresses in the cases of the paperback book winners. Good luck!

Here is a short excerpt from My Love Affair with Sicily

“Our meals are every bit as good as our food of the previous evening. The entire bill is only twenty euros, including bottled water, aqua naturale, meaning without gas or fizz. The prices in Sicily are unbelievably low, much less expensive than on the mainland.

On the way home we buy more cough medicine at another farmacia and then go back to the hotel where we all anticipate a good night’s sleep. When I enter my room, I am pleasantly surprised to find the bed turned back, and two pieces of Italian Torrone, or nougat, candy with a note that reads, “Buonanotte,” Good Night. I am familiar with this sweet, toasted-almond candy, especially at Christmas time with Grandma Savoca. This gesture by the hotel staff touches my heart.

Sicily feels like such a special place to me; I love it here more and more each day. Because of our hotel’s proximity to the water, I hear the loud sounds of the wind from inside my room. Reminiscent of how noisy the wind can be during a hurricane, I wonder whether I can sleep. Apparently my concerns are unwarranted, since I never awaken, until morning.”

Isola Bella in Taormina
Isola Bella in Taormina

74 Responses

  1. Jack Erickson

    Ciao, Margie. Glad I found your blog and exciting news about #MyLoveAffairWith Sicily
    My wife and I traveled to Sicily a few years back, was as enchanted as you were. We’ve been back several more times, mostly in the north. During a layover at Milan’s Stazione Centrale in 2011, I had one of those experiences all writers need. I came up with the plot of a thriller that begins with an American woman taken hostage during a political assassination at Centrale.

    The book is “Thirteen Days in Milan.” It’s being translated into Italian and I’ll shop it around to publishers in Milano when I’m there next month. To do the research, I spent a lot of time in Milano, meeting academics, journalists, and police officials at the Questura. I have an incredibly talented researcher who’s given me all sorts of insights into Italian culture, lifestyle, and real life characters.

    I hope our paths cross one day. Best of luck with your book; I’ll get a copy when it’s published.

    A presto!

    • margieinitaly

      Jack, Thanks so much for sharing this story. Sounds intriguing. I just ordered your book. It would be wonderful to meet you one day. And thank you for the support. Milano is defintely an interesting city.

  2. Anonymous

    Margie : So excited for you! #MyLoveAffairwithSicily now
    Can’t wait to read your “baby”, I’m sure I will enjoy it as much as your first book. Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month, too.

  3. Amy Campbell (@slapdashgourmet)

    Would love to read about Sicily — I’ve only been to Italy once and am pondering which region to visit next… #MyLoveAffairwithSicily

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks Amy – Of course I would say to visit Sicily! It is a beautiful place and the food and people are wonderful!I hope you can visit soon.

  4. Alysha

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily begins this September! Thanks for helping me discover its secrets! I cannot wait!

  5. Marilyn Cameli Romeo

    Bravo, Margie!… proud of my little flower girl many years ago!!!!!!!!!! I would love to read your new book but because I was lucky enough to see Sicily (and hope to go back), I feel someone else should have the #My Love Affair With Sicily………….love you Marilyn Cameli Romeo

    • margieinitaly

      Grazie Marilyn! Yes Great memories from so many years ago! Your descriptions and enthusiasm of Sicily made me want to go even more. And I too loved Cefalu`!

  6. Bonnie Melielo

    Sicilia is on the list of places we want to visit. Time and money! LOL! We will be very close in August, in Soverato, so perhaps this will be the year!! #MyLoveAffairWithSicily

  7. Wanda

    #MyLoveAffairWithSicily…been to other parts of Italy, Sicily may be next…Wanda

  8. GLORIA wa

    I am sorry I never went to Italy. It is truly beautiful!
    We love your passion!

  9. Lorraine Allen

    #MyLoveAffairswithSicily. I am new to your blog and I am loving it so far & love the thought of going to Sicily.

  10. Mary Roush

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily. Going with friends at the end of September!! We started planning this trip almost 2 years ago.

  11. mbrovelli

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily. I’m so looking forward to reading your book! I have visited Sicilia once, but plan to go many more times. It is truly a magical place!

  12. Maria B.

    I would love this Margie! I’ve been to Sicily twice to visit family. I need to get back there soon! #MyLoveAffairwithSicily (from @MG_inthe_CLE)

  13. Nancy Brindisi Smith

    #i am dying to go to Sicily. I look forward to reading your blog! Thanks.

  14. ishitasood

    Wow Margie!! So lucky to have chanced upon you on twitter and everywhere else. Even more excited for #MyLoveAffairwithSicily now than ever before. Looking forward to read about a land I dint visit but something that has enthralled me.

  15. Francesca

    Ah Bellissima Sicilia. I look forward to seeing your book. I also am in love with Sicily and yearn to return.

    • margieinitaly

      Grazie Francesca! Another lover of Sicily! I hope that you feel like you are traveling with me throughout the book, but that you also can return to Sicily in person soon!

  16. hometoitaly

    #MyLoveAffairWithSicily will be a good introduction to my next place to visit, 20+ visits and never experienced wonderful Sicily

  17. imarancher

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily I am eagerly awaiting the next volume of your travels. I think I like the pics even better. And the food. Yum. #MyLoveAffairwithSicily

    • margieinitaly

      Grazie Bonnie – You have been very patient and soon the wait will be over, my friend!! I appreciate all of your comments and support over the years!

  18. Leslie Vincent

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily Sicily is on my “places to visit in Italy” I have been checking off my wish list places steadily. Soon!!! 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹

  19. jennyandstephenmilan

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily This year we spend Easter in southern Sardinia. Next year, thanks to your inspirational blog, I’m planning to venture further south to Sicily. I’m sure your book will be equally inspiring.

    • margieinitaly

      Wonderful! And grazie mille. I am interested in following your exploits into Sardinia, one of the three regions in Italy that I have yet to explore.

  20. floridaduh

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily I’m very excited to see the final product …. an amazing country. I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  21. The Mermaids Purse

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily Ah so envious! Sicily is on my list. I was there years ago but Montalbano and cannoli reignited a desire to return there…

  22. Karen Seltzer

    Enjoyed reading these excerpts of #MyLoveAffairwithSicily. Lovely photos of a region that I need to explore! Looking forward to more of your travel writing,

  23. Gina Lipari

    I would absolutely give a copy of your book a good home and forever cherish it. I still dream of going to San Teodoro and Cesaro someday.

  24. Anonymous

    I am so happy for you Margie….congrats and can’t read to read the book (hoping to win 🙂

  25. K Smothers

    #myloveaffairwithsicily I am so excited for the release of your new book. The cover is very inviting. We are returning to Italy in Sept. For 2 weeks. We can never get enough of the people, language, food etc. Reading books (and blogs) such as your helps us to feel connected when we cannot physically be there :). Wishing you much success on the launch of your book. Buona Fortuna
    Ciao Katherine

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart Katherine. i am always so pleased when someone else has such a passion for Italy! Have a wonderful trip this fall!

  26. Adri

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily Oh, but you must be absolutely thrilled. I wish you the utmost success with your book. I am looking forward to it!

  27. Debra Kolkka

    #MyLoveAffairWithSicily. You have inspired me to go to Sicily. It looks fascinating and I love the south of Italy for its delicious food, wonderful people and gorgeous scenery.

  28. Leila Harris

    Can’t wait to read it! Looks absolutely fantastic #MyLoveAffairwithSicily

  29. Greg Devlin

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily Hi! Margie, what a great journey! I have no doubt your passion and love for Sicily will take place in an AWARD winning new book. Wishing you massive success..PS Since we’re friends I want to purchase one of your books. Don’t enter me in the contest OK? Tikiman

    • margieinitaly

      You are too kind Greg. I am still entering you and if you win you can give it to someone! Grazie my friend for all your enthusiastic support!

  30. Philip amankwaah

    Hi dear congratulation for all your hard work , and I wish to meet you personal , so please make an appointment , from on I willp be happy to see your face to face , please do your best ?

  31. aliciashearsby

    I’m off to explore Italy for myself in June and can’t wait! I was lucky enough to visit Venice last year and this time i’m teaching for 2 weeks and traveling for 2 weeks. Where would you suggest the best places to visit to be in my short time (and quite possibly low budget)? #MyLoveAffairwithSicily

    • margieinitaly

      How wonderful Alicia! June is a great time to be in Italy although a little warm. A few of my faves are the Amalfi Coast, Venice, Firenze, Sicily and Lake Como. Two weeks is not long but wherever you go you will enjoy I am sure! Buon viaggio!

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