Last Chance to Win a Copy of My Love Affair with Sicily

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Ciao miei amici! Buon lunedi!

I am in a flurry of activity working to finalize the process of publishing My Love Affair with Sicily. With the hopes of everything going according to plan, my second book will be available for sale within the next two days, by April 30, 2014.

At Farmers Market Catania
At Farmers Market Catania

I am giving away two autographed copies of the paperbook version and two e-book copies. If you  leave a comment with this hashtag, #MyLoveAffairwithSicily,  then you will be entered in the random drawing for a copy of my book.

Ceramic shop in Caltagirone
Ceramic shop in Caltagirone

In the meantime, enjoy some photos from the place I feel so at home — Sicily!

Bar Pirandello in Taormina
Bar Pirandello in Taormina
Doorway and stairs in Cesaro` Sicily
Doorway and stairs in Cesaro` Sicily
Sicilian countryside
Sicilian countryside

Don’t forget to leave the hashtag #MyLoveAffairwithSicily. Buona fortuna!

20 Responses

  1. #MyLoveAffairwithSicily I’m looking forward to your next book. I was unable to spend much time in Sicily. Your book will give me the vacation I missed. And I love your photos here!

    Funny story. Once while having dinner in a cave-like restaurant in Ostuni, a group of men came in and I swear, it was like suddenly being in a Godfather movie. They wore the fedoras and a few had guns and one man seemed to be the most important. Our waiter told us that we should eat and go. So we beat it out of there. The whole time we were leaving, the entire group of men watched us. I was scared! haha Turns out it was the Mayor of Sicily visiting the mayor of Ostuni (or whatever you call the heads of the city). We read about them in the paper the next day. But it sure seemed like we were witnessing a mafiosa style meeting.

  2. #MyLoveAffairwithSicily I would love to get a free copy 😉 Lovely pictures again Margie!

  3. #MyLoveAffairwithSicily- hey, I would love one Margie!!

  4. #MyLoveAffairwithSicily. Beautiful photos of Sicilia.

  5. #MyLoveAffairwithSicily. I’d love a copy as well Margie 🙂

  6. #MyLoveAffairwithSicily. I’d love a copy!!!

  7. Not sure if I’m allowed to enter twice but here’s my second comment with the all important #MyLoveAffairwithSicily. I’d love an ebook version! So practical and handy for when we visit next year. I’ve decided we MUST spend Easter in Sicily next year.

    • Absolutely you can enter more than once and I thank you! Easter in Sicily will be wonderful. I have not been there at that time of year but from all that I know, you will have a fantastic experience! Buona fortuna!

  8. Just arrived Palermo can not wait for ur new book. Finished the first one.

  9. #MyLoveAffairwithSicily – I’m looking forward to it! The first one is very informative!

  10. Ann Stoodley

    #MyLoveAffairwithSicily – I’m sure the book will be the next best thing to actually being there!

  11. #MyLoveAffairwithSicily -Whitney!
    Looking forward to reading this book either way!!!

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