Photos from Rome – September 2013

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View of St Peter's from the Tiber
View of St Peter’s from the Tiber

I realize that it has been close to three weeks since I updated my blog. I have been trying to catch up and write about my days in Italy this past September, since I didn’t have to write when I was there.  Lately though, I am being asked if I am still in Italy, and the reality is that I have been home for over two months. I can see why  it may be confusing.  So instead of finishing to blog about the last three days in Italy, spent in Pompeii and Rome, I have decided to upload some photos from Rome instead, and concentrate on writing.

I am in the process of writing My Love Affair with Sicily and am more than half finished, or at least I think so until my editor starts getting busy with her red pen. So if I am going to complete my book by the spring, my self-imposed deadline, I need to write and keep writing.

Enjoy the photos from Rome where the weather was warm and the food was amazing.  Just uploading them brings me right back to that wonderful place. I am even considering making cacio e pepe this weekend.

at Campo de' Fiori
at Campo de’ Fiori

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  1. The pictures are very well taken. Good work.

  2. How lovely photos. I have visited once and immediately I felt love with it.

  3. Happy to have found your site – a gold mine of useful information, beautiful photos and inspiring tales of life in the boot…. Look forward to browsing more of your past and future posts. Ciao!

  4. Looking at the pics reminds me why Rome is called the Eternal City. So much beauty through the ages. Very compelling.

  5. Margie, don’t you wish you were still there? Exploring Christmas markets? Hmmmm?? I enjoyed your post and the photos are wonderful!!

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