Update on My Radio Interview about Italy

Recently I had the honor of appearing as a guest on the Sabato Italiano Radio show on WIRA 1400, hosted by Jack DiGiorgio and I had a great time talking about Italy and sharing stories with someone who loves Italy and was actually  born in Italy!

Jack Di Giorgio and Kenrick Thomas
Jack Di Giorgio and Kenrick Thomas

Jack was kind enough to send me the file of the show, so for those of you who missed it when it was broadcast, you can listen anytime by downloading this link. You can listen on your computer or on your iPhone, iPad, or other smart phone as a podcast.

The show is an hour and 30 minutes and the beginning of it is in Italian. So for anyone who just wants to hear the interview portion of the show, it begins at sixteen minutes in and ends at forty-five minutes in. If you understand Italian, though, the entire show is very interesting and enjoyable.


By the way, if you are a sports fan, the engineer, Kenrick Thomas, recently published a new book, The Missing Mementos: The Greatest to Never Do It. Check it out here.

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