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  1. stephanie710

    Heading over to nominate you! 🙂

  2. [My Little] Margie: Thanks for posting the IBA from the magazine. I’ll cast a vote in your favor, and will do a post about the competition on my blog, too. Can’t hurt to spread the word. I take it you’re back from Sicilia, or still there will a good internet connection? Ciao for now.

    • Thanks so much Tom I really appreciate that..How is your recovery coming along??? Yes I have been back from Italy for a month but am still catching up on blogging…You know how it is when you are running around! Ciao

  3. I nominated you for best travel blog 🙂

  4. I’ll have to go there and nominate your blog.

  5. Done! Posting to my Facebook for a few more votes.

  6. Thanks for letting us know, Margie! I went there immediately 🙂

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