Second Day in Sicily – Dinner with Angela

Sept 14
The bus tickets were well worth the cost of just under three euros to take the twenty-minute ride up the hill to Castelmola. The road had more S-bends than I expected and at times the bus was forced to stop and wait for the oncoming vehicles to back down the hill. A good choice not to drive this. The bus driver was quite skilled in his ability to navigate these narrow, winding roads. He also provided entertainment with his reactions to the other drivers.

At Castelmola the views of the surrounding countryside were just beautiful. In the same piazza where the bus stopped I quickly located the famous Bar Giorgio, which has been here since 1907. I bought two bottles of Vino alle Mandorle and some Torrone candy to bring home. I was content and joined Rick and Monica to return to Taormina on the next bus. We then retrieved our car and drove to Giardini-Naxos to meet our friend, Angela, for dinner at La Bussola, a favorite restaurant of ours.

Angela was waiting for us since we were fifteen minutes late and for the first time, she was not wearing a scarf! She explained that it was too hot, and it surely was. Catania and Taormina have had temperatures in the 80’s since we arrived.

We all had fun spending the time with Angela. She, of course, ordered seafood, and the three of us each ordered something different. Rick had veal cotoletta and I had casarecce all norma with veal cotoletta. Monica had casarecce pomodoro. We totally enjoyed our meals, which included a wonderful dessert of semifreddo and a lemon sorbet. Mmmm

After planning the next few days with Angela and her family, we drove back to our hotel in Catania and went to bed. Tomorrow we are going to Cesarò, where we will meet up with Teresa and visit her parents. I love being here and feel so at home!



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  1. Lori Samarin

    You have awakened all my senses, Margie: not only do I experience your excitement and joy, I can smell the fresh scented air, envision the beautiful areas that surround you, and salivate (con l’acqualina in bocca) in seeing the photos of those wonderful, local dishes, especially the prawns, (i gamberetti) which I love!

  2. Florence

    What beautiful pictures Margie and blog!
    As I read and drink in the pictures….oh, my heart.
    Ciao friend

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