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Sept 25
I had hoped to blog from Italy as I did when I came here for three months, but things have not worked out that way. The reason is simple: I am on vacation and am making use of the time to do things, and do not have the luxury in two weeks to build in days to do nothing… Va bene. It’s OK. When I get home, I can fill in the details. In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

I will be writing about the wonderful day with Teresa and her parents in Cesarò, the home of my maternal grandparents. And I have stories of an all afternoon food day at the home of her brother, Calogero, who lives in Caltagirone.

The day in Siracusa was amazing, until we returned to the parking garage to find the car fender dented and scratched. Who knows if the guy noticed it when he checked the returned car? We will have to wait to find out.

The amazing day in Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples made that city well worth the trip through the countryside of Sicilia.

It may take several posts for me to write about getting lost on the way to our cooking class at Tarantola Wine Farm and the stories about the awesome food we prepared and ate. FOODIES-Stay tuned!

The four days in Palermo were very enjoyable and my first opera experience was the best! All the women had fans-just like in the movies.

The early morning flight to Salerno brought us to the Amalfi Coast, my favorite place. Lots to write about here…and I am especially pleased to be able to celebrate my birthday here today!!! I really love this coast! Stay tuned for stories of old men in Speedos.

Tomorrow will be a train ride to Rome, where we will spend the last two days before heading back home. looking forward to wandering around Trastevere!

I will post some photos from our day in Pompei next.

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  1. Rick

    I will be SHOCKED if they even notice the scratched fender of your rental car! Anyway, it sounds like a great trip and I can’t wait to read more about it. Ciao!!

  2. Lori Samarin

    It seems like you are enjoying quality time in the company of family and friends, Italian style and that’s wonderful! Buon compleanno, and enjoy the rest of your stay. Trastevere is so picturesque..what a lovely way to end the trip.

  3. Anonymous

    It seems like you are really enjoying quality time in the company of family and friends, Italian style Wonderful! Buon compleanno and enjoy the rest of your stay. Trastevere is so picturesque!

  4. Florence

    You are on vacation and its just a wonderful thing to be able to share it with you through the pictures you send us. We get to enjoy it with you, know you’re having a wonderful time and know that you’re fine!
    😉 😉 For sure looking forward to the Speedo’s…….
    So glad to hear the Opera touched your soul!
    A birthday on the Amalfi Coast of Italy sounds like a perfect day and trust it was filled with much joy!
    Happy Birthday Margie

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