Italy – A Week to Go

OK It is official. A week to go and I will be boarding a plane to  Italy…six  months ago  I
wasn’t quite sure this would be happening, since my brother Rick had sustained a cycling accident, forcing us to postpone our May trip to Italy.

 On the streets of Taormina, Sicily
On the streets of Taormina, Sicily

 But now all is well, and have no fear, he is back to normal, walking a minimum of five miles a day, working out at the gym, and riding his bike 40 or 50 miles three times a week. Yes he will be killing me and my sister-in-law, Monica,  with exercise in Italy, once again. This time I am bringing athletic shoes.

I am excited, even though I still have things to do before I am ready. I have started to pre-pack, and my goal is to take a medium size bag weighing no more than 35-40 pounds. Although the limits on Delta for international travel are fifty pounds per bag without paying for extra weight, the restrictions when you fly within Italy are lower.

We will be taking a flight from Palermo to Naples, and the limit is 40 pounds, and a carryon, which cannot weigh more than five kg, or 11 pounds. And  even at 35 pounds, that bag will feel  heavy when I have to lug it up the steps on a train.

Ten days in Sicily. I always thought that would be ideal, and this will be the longest amount of time I am  spending there, so I hope to see  parts of the island I have missed before,. Definitely Siracusa and Agrigento are on the list, as well as more time in Palermo, and visiting some towns on the northwestern coast.

Sicilian countryside
Sicilian countryside

After Sicily, it is back to my favorite place, the Amalfi Coast, and the last two days in Rome, not so much to visit the touristy sites, but to enjoy the ambience in Trastevere and Campo de’Fiori.

Amalfi Coast road
Amalfi Coast road

Streetcar Tram in Trastevere
Streetcar Tram in Trastevere

I will be blogging from Italy and posting photos also on Facebook and Twitter, so stay tuned.

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  1. Ishita

    Oh Margie, the excitement, the fun of planning. You brought back several memories. hope we both visit again <3

  2. Anonymous

    Margie! I continue to be impressed by your sense of adventure! I can’t wait to read your blog. Safe travels. Be well

  3. Alberto Antonio Amadeo Annunziata

    Dear Margie: As a first-generation Italian -American, I envy your ability and opportunity to travel to Italy as often as you do. Since you’ve been there more than a few times, I have nothing new to offer by way of advice (certainly nothing that you wouldn’t know already) except a gentle reminder about the necessity these days for an International Driver’s License , issued by any local office of the American Automobile Association (AAA). I was involved in a traffic “incidente” a few years back in Ostia where I was detained for hours because I did not have an International license!
    The Italian police make the unusual distinction between RENTING a car in Italy (where the autonoleggio/car rental companies need only your state driver’s license and credit card) and DRIVING a car in Italy (where the police require the AAA international driver’s license).
    If it weren’t for the fortunate fact that my uncle Bruno lived not too far away and was able to help
    me communicate with the “Carabinieri”, I might have been thrown into the Italian “Hoosegow” for a spell! Anyway, BUON VIAGGIO!

  4. dollygoolsby

    Can’t wait to read your blogs from Sicily and Rome. I love both those areas, also. Have only been to Sicily once, so you are inspiring me to go again. Have a great trip.. I am green with envy.

  5. Debra Kolkka

    It really is possible to travel with the outfit you are wearing and just 2 others, a jacket, and extra pair of shoes, something to sleep in and minimum toiletries. I often travel with just a carry on bag.
    My best effort was 6.6 kilos. Luggage is the worst aspect of travel, especially in a land where there are few escalators and lifts.
    Have a great trip.

  6. timelessitaly

    Margie, I am soooo excited for you!! All the best in your travels. Sounds like you will be in good company. We will have to compare notes when we settle back home in October. Have a wonderful time!! And, happy blogging! I will stay tuned into your blog while you are there.


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