Traveling on a College Budget – Guest Post by KC Owens

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I am very pleased to feature a guest post today by a college student. Enjoy.

Traveling on a College Budget

Many students dream of traveling the world when they get out of college, have a real job and have a high salary. Why wait until you’re done with college and busy working to have fun and see the world? While going to every single place in the world might be a bit unrealistic, you can still enjoy so many different tourist attractions and hot spots. Even better, you can accomplish these travel goals on a student-friendly budget.

Photo by KC Owens
Photo by KC Owens

Save & Borrow to Afford Your Trip

 Having a part-time job while going to college is difficult but most students do it anyways. This can be a great way to save some extra cash and put it aside for a vacation. While putting money into a separate account, students can borrow money to finish their budget before they leave for their trip. According to Credit Card Insider, this is becoming a trend among students. After doing some research, I found that a travelers credit card would work great for me because I could buy plane and train tickets and then pay not have to worry about the bills until I got back and worked to pay them off.

In addition to helping me afford my vacation, having a credit card was great because it allowed me to exchange currencies without having to physically do so at small shops where they charge extra. This can be very inconvenient, time consuming and expensive if you plan to frequently jump across borders.

PHOTO by KC Owens
PHOTO by KC Owens

Making Money While Your Travel

Your work experiences do not have to end as soon as you set foot on the plane. If you’re having trouble meeting your financial goals, bartending is an excellent idea if you are going overseas. Learning the basics of bartending can help you to land a job and enjoy the nightlife all at the same time. Remember, in some European countries, tips are not really seen as appropriate at the bar. Don’t let this get you down though! Generally, you will make more money working at the bar in Europe than you would have in the United States. Bartending is also great because most places allow bartenders to eat for free while you work so you can save money while you make money!

Look for Student Rates and Discounts

Most places realize that students do not have a lot of money to spare, but they still want to see the sites. You will notice this, in particular, at historical or cultural places. However, you need to remember to bring your student ID card along with you. You also have to find out if the site will accept an ID card from a school that is out of the country. You might have to get a new ID card at your new school if you are studying while you are on your vacation. I have been to many hostels that also offer student discounts for those who stay there. Be sure to compare hostels before you book an overnight so you know what you’re getting for your money.

KC Owens has written and submitted this article. KC is a college student who loves traveling, college life, fitness and a good survival kit. He enjoys studying different cultures, meeting new people and leaving his footprint somewhere most people only read about.

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Thank you KC, for this informative post on how to travel on a budget. Well-done. I am sure you will inspire other college students to find a way to make travel a reality.

KC writes a blog, bloggingacrossthepond. Check it out by clicking on his link above.

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