The Humorous Side of Solo Travel – Guest Post on Flavours of Italy

I was honored to be asked to guest post recently on the Flavours of Italy Blog and you can read an excerpt here, and click over to the Flavours of Italy blog to read the entire post, titled  The Humorous Side of Solo Travel.


During my three-month solo travel in Italy, I discovered a freedom that came with taking a trip alone. I found that I enjoyed it, and actually preferred it, for many reasons. Numerous articles have been written by other solo travelers listing the pros and cons, so I will not repeat what you may already know.  

Instead I will relate a funny situation that I experienced while traveling solo in Italy two years ago. Not every day on a solo travel vacation is going to be perfect, and I had several that were far from that. The main idea for me was to accept it and consider it part of the adventure. And now I can turn a near-disaster into a topic for a blog. Enjoy.

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