10 Top Tips for Solo Travel – Guest Post by FlavoursHolidays

Today I am honored to feature a special guest blog post  from FlavoursHolidays.

10 top tips for solo travel

Some years ago I was planning a family trip to Italy. The kids were in their late teens, my husband was in one of his grouchy, ‘I hate holidays’ moods and after a number of fruitless conversations I made a monumental decision. There were not going to be any more family holidays.


I have to confess that everyone was mightily relieved. You might call it sad but as a family we felt it was the best thing we have ever decided and now spend quality time on very short breaks and leave the big trips, the culinary vacations and so on to individual taste and whims.

Chefs Claudio and Marco
Chefs Claudio and Marco

With the wealth of holiday opportunities and deals for single travelers there has never been a better time for a spot of solo travel. In my book, if it’s solo travel to Italy, you can’t have a better combination.

10 top tips for travelling solo

  1. Don’t think single travel means you are looking for a partner, although it can mean that for some. Single travel means doing what you want, when you want without worrying about others likes, dislikes, foibles or moods. This is the top tip in my book for taking a singles vacation.
  2. Check out reputable firms who offer singles vacations or activity vacations and do a thorough search. It’s a good idea to consider subjects you know about like culinary vacations in Tuscany for example. But it’s also exciting to explore things you might have never considered like a Pilates course in Sicily as an example. Yes, they do exist!
  3. Ask questions of your potential vacation company. Read blogs, home pages and really get the feel for what you are letting yourself in for. You’ll soon see if it floats your boat or not.
  4. Keep a diary. You will be surprised what time away from everyone and everything familiar will do for you and it’s worth noting. There’s nothing like a spot of single travel to broaden the mind and blow away the cobwebs.
  5. See a culinary vacation or water colour vacation as a gift. Being selfish actually doesn’t come easily to most people who have spent many years looking after the needs of others. Sometimes it really is necessary to do things for you and you alone. Visit the countries you’ve always yearned to see, indulge in an activity you have always dreamed of being able to do.
  6. Always  have something with you: a camera, a notebook, a novel or postcards so you look unoccupied to anyone else in a bar, in a piazza or anywhere you might feel a little exposed.
  7. Use social media to find friends and connections in the places you might be visiting. After all there are usually only a few degrees of separation between us and anyone else on the planet.
  8. Enjoy the opportunities, change your mind hourly if it pleases, revel in the pure freedom of knowing you can enjoy yourself, indulge in something no one else approves of!
  9. If you are a little hesitant at travelling solo for the first time then choose an activity vacation that plans your day for you. It takes away the stress, the fear of the unknown and provides a built in group of like-minded people who will soon make you feel at home.
  10. Once you have booked your trip start researching, immerse yourself in Italian culture, language and get your mind ready for the sensory overload a solo trip will bring.

Author Bio

This is a featured article by Flavours Holidays, a specialist tour operator offering quality cooking, painting and pilates vacations with -no single supplements for solo travelers- in Italy since 1998.


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  1. Mann Travel Australia

    Awesome Blog !! Really I am Impressed with this blog and way to serve wine or food that looks Authentic, I love very much Travelling …. I am found cheap flights to London from Perth

  2. KC


    My name is KC Owens, I’m a college student and I love to travel! While cruising the Internet, I found your site and really enjoyed reading your posts. I have been to countries all over Europe with just my backpack and a camera. Since I am a college student and I have significant bills, it can be difficult to find ways to travel the world. However, I have done this several times, with less than ten pounds of luggage and while on a college dime!

    I was hoping that you would allow me to write a post for your site to share my tips and tricks with your readers. I put a lot of time into my traveling, it is my biggest passion and I would love to inspire others by sharing my stories, mistakes and triumphs. I look forward to hearing from you!


    KC Owens

    • margieinitaly

      That would be wonderful, KC. I would love to have you guest post here especially with your passion for travel! Send me an e-mail (margieeee@comcast.net) with your post and any relevant data so others can get in touch with you!

  3. SuzieD

    I think the important thing for a solo traveller is not where u go, but what options are available.

    I *really* recommend going on a trip with Exodus or Explore or one of those adventure companies. They are excellent and a great way to meet other people. I have been on several – the Atlas Descent Bike Trip in Morocco, Lake Garda Mountain Biking, Sea Kayaking in Greece, Multi-Activity in Turkey. Honestly, they are wonderful and – no – I do not work for them.

    However, I have also gone *full-solo*, so to speak. If u decide to do that, my main tip would be go to Eastern Europe (for great value and things to do) and then…

    1. Stay in hostels, they are THE BEST place to meet other travelers.

    2. If there are no hostels, go on 1 or 2 day activity outings, e.g. diving, climbing, canyoning, etc. They are another great way to meet people.

    3. Carry your smartphone with you and join websites like Wandermates.com or AirBnB to help meet other people (like me http://www.wandermates.com/profileview.php?profileuserid=1 🙂 None of them are perfect, but they are useful.

    4. Go on a backpacker-type bus tour. They are brilliant also and a great way to hook w guys 🙂

  4. composerinthegarden

    Great post, Margie; thank your guest, please! I too love solo travel; have done it for years, though I must say that my husband is fun to travel with too. Italy is a great place to explore on your own; now I think I must plan another trip!

  5. dollygoolsby

    Traveling solo can be very rewarding. The first time I traveled by myself in Europe was due to an accident. My friend and I were hiking in Switzerland, and she broke her ankle. After I got her out of the hospital and on the plane back to the United States, I finished the trip that we had planned, by myself. I found new things to see, new foods to eat, little villages that hadn’t been on our itinerary. I had so much fun, I did a solo trip again a few years later, that time for 3 months by myself. While I still enjoy traveling with others….I plan and lead small group tours…having time by yourself in a place you have never been before can be very rewarding. I recommend this highly.

  6. cnels2

    Solo travel is the best way to get to know yourself. The freedom is wonderful. I like your suggestions for plugging into a culinary or pilates experience. Great post!!

  7. aussiegirl0905

    I have travelled solo many times including to Italy. I have met many great people, have made lots of friends and have had the time of my life. I now prefer to travel with or meet my friends there however I still value my solo time so always make plans to have times of doing my own thing. After, it is super to meet up with my friends and share our experiences. Lyn

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