Italy News – Mt Etna Erupts Again

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Mt Etna erupted again Tuesday night and although this is a common occurrence in Sicily, this footage is spectacular.I especially like the last part of the video where the lava rock is on the road. I guess the local Sicilians take it in stride the way Californians live with the threat of earthquakes and Floridians live with the threat of hurricanes.

The videos always seem to be at night and it makes me wonder whether it only erupts at night or if the footage of the fiery lava is just more dramatic against the backdrop of a night sky. Of course eruptions happen day and night especially with a volcano as active as Mt Etna. Astronaut Chris Hadfield from the Canadian Space Agency shot this photo from the International Space Station when Etna erupted on Feb 28th and obviously this was daytime.

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  1. imarancher

    Drama is right. I am not sure I would be comfortable around an exploding mountain. Perhaps the Italian spirit is partly based on the knowledge that not even the ground is forever and it is important to make the most of today. After all, they never just put cheese and crackers on a plate, It has to be decorative as well as tasty and served with panache. Love Italians.

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