Gelato from Florence Comes to NYC

For the first time since it opened in 1929 Florence’s famous Vivoli Il Gelato has just opened a shop in NYC on the 6th floor of the newly renovated Macy’s at Herald Square.  As part of a $400 million remodeling project, Macy’s just opened a new  Italian restaurant, Stella Trattoria 34 on the 6th floor,  and just inside is the Florentine gelato shop, Vivoli New York.

While you can access the restaurant and gelato shop  from inside the store, there is also an elevator on 35th Street which will whisk patrons   directly up to the restaurants. These restaurants will have hours beyond the store’s closing time, and the diners also will be able to enjoy fantastic views of the Empire State Building and Herald Square, from new windows made for viewing.

The gelato shop will be operated by one of the family members from Florence’s Vivoli Il Gelato. There will be a rotating choice of nine gelati and three sorbetti flavors, and of course it will be made fresh daily.

This will definitely be on my to-do list my next trip to NYC!

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