Book Giveaway Winners Announced

Thank you again to everyone who has ever stopped by to read my blog, and/or hit the LIKE button or leave a comment. Today is the day of surpassing 50,000 hits and in celebration I am giving away two autographed copies of my book, Memoirs of  a Solo Traveler. By the way today the paperback edition is at #18 on Amazon’s Solo Travel category so thank you also to anyone who has helped make that happen.

I placed all the names of everyone who left comments in the past few days  in a random drawing, and  the winners are imarancher  and Anonymous, who left comments on Photos from Longano. I have sent emails to each of the winners to contact me with their addresses.

I am very grateful for all my followers who enjoy reading about Italy as much as I enjoy writing about it. My next book is about my travels in Sicily, and I have completed half of it, at almost 30,000 words. The rest of the story will have to wait until after my trip there this spring. Who know what stories that experience will bring, but you can be sure that I will be blogging about it. The working title is “My Love Affair with Sicily” and I may consider other titles and put them out there for comments. Veddiamo. We’ll see. So stay tuned.

2 Responses

  1. imarancher

    Wow, I am very flattered to have won the luck of the draw. The only thing better than one book on Italy by Margieee would be two books on Italy by Margieee!

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