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Well I have not posted here in awhile and have been doing other things instead, working on the Sicily book and the fiction book, learning how to use an art program for illustrating children’s books, and participating in book signings with the Treasure Coast Writers Guild, for which  I am now the Secretary. You know how it is – the new kid on the block gets the job. I don’t mind as I plan on attending the meetings so why not take the minutes?


Oh and also I have set up a Facebook Author page so that anyone can access it, even if you are not on Facebook. This is where I will post any and all things related to my writing and my books. You can access it here. It is a work in progress. If you click on Read My Book it takes you to an Author App page where there is more info on my book and upcoming book signings. Thanks for checking it out.

Did I mention I am working too? More later since tonight I am a nurse.

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