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I am happy to report that the weather conditions and flooding situation in Italy has improved, and in fact there have been a lot of Twitter comments asking the foreign press to stop commenting on flooding in Venice, since it has adversely it has affected their economic situation. According to tweets from that area, things are back to normal.

I have to apologize for no recent posts but it is not because of slacking. I have been writing a lot.  Between my articles for Yahoo, Beachcomber Pete and La Gazzetta Italiana, I have also been trying to do some book promotion.

What has actually taken up most of my time lately though has been writing my next book. Yes I now have almost 10,000 words written in my second book, which is a memoir about my travels in Sicily. I will not have it completed until the summer though, since the last portion of it will be based on my experiences there this coming spring.

I think I have probably taken on too many things because at the same time I am also working on a fiction book based in a hospital, more in the medical thriller genre. I have written approximately 5000 words so far on that one, but I am having a lot of fun with it. There will be more to follow on that later.

Then I really think I must be crazy because after my granddaughter suggested I write a children’s book since my first book would be “boring” for her, I have come up with a character and several ideas for a series. I have actually started on that too, and my granddaughter Kate will be co-authoring with me. It will require a lot of illustrations though so that may take some time. It is a good thing I only work part-time at the hospital.

I have to say that I am so grateful though for everyone’s support on this blog and also on Twitter and Face Book. There are now six reviews on Amazon, all five stars, and I so appreciate those who wrote them. “Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love Affair with Italy continues to keep creeping up on the best seller list in the solo travel category. Today it was #7 in the Kindle edition. Amazon updates those hourly so they change quite a bit, but I am smiling today!

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