Venice News – Rialto Bridge Restoration Plans

Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal

The Rialto Bridge is undoubtedly the most famous bridge in Venice and has joined other monuments in Italy for needing restoration work. A few months ago the Venice city council approved a study as to whether it would be feasible to restore this famous bridge over the Grand Canal.

Rialto Bridge

Public Works Assessor Alessandro Maggioni estimates the cost to be between five and seven million euros and that the project would take 18 months with a completion date planned for the spring of 2015. Last year one of the steps was dislodged and caused a section of the bridge to be closed temporarily.

Rialto Bridge at night

A competition will be held, beginning at the end of September and lasting 60 days, to find a corporate sponsor willing to pay for the restoration of the bridge. In exchange, the sponsor would gain the right to advertise on the bridge and the possibility to organize events in the famous St Mark’s Square. Clothing manufacturer Renzo Rosso of the well-known brand Diesel is already very interested.

Rialto Bridge with Graffiti

I hope the restoration project includes removal of the graffiti from the Rialto, the oldest bridge crossing Venice’s Grand Canal.

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  1. imarancher

    Margie! I’m loving the book you wrote on Italy. Wow, you sure can attract the boyfriends. After reading this book a lot of gals will be wanting to travel with you! And that is just the first few pages. If you love Italy and want to practice your English this is the book for you. Simple and elegant in the understated dialogue. If you are an English speaker then you will enjoy the ambience she brings to the reading of “Memoirs of a Solo Traveler * My Love Affair With Italy.” No wonder everybody loves Italy and Italians.

  2. Scott Erb

    Nice pictures, I look forward to reading through your blog. I lived a year in Bologna Italy, and have been part of seven travel courses to Italy via the University of Maine at Farmington (where I teach). This May for the 6th time an Art Historian, Music Historian, Literature professor and myself (European politics and history) will hopefully have about 40 students along, likely to Venice, Florence and Rome (perhaps a stop in my old city Bologna). Italy is truly a wonderful country – I’m going to recommend they take a look at your blog! Here is a page linking to blogging I did from Italy the last time we lead one of these trips (2011):

    The dilemma we have (the faculty teaching this course) is that we always talk about altering the destinations. Once we did Milano instead of Venice because we did it in February and it was Carnevale in Venezia. We’ve talked about Torinio, Napoli, the coast…but due to history, art, and student interest we seem to go to the same cities. And I love traveling with a people well versed in Italian music, art and literature, it creates a real interdisciplinary experience understanding Italian history and culture at a level I couldn’t do alone. I’m sure reading your blog will enhance that as well, I’m glad I found your blog (thanks to you liking one of my blog posts – thanks!)

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you Scott for taking time to leave a comment and I am so happy that you enjoy the blog. Perhaps your students will gain some insight from it as well prior to your upcoming trip in May! I checked out a little of your blog from last year and look forward to reading more!
      I enjoyed Bologna very much especially the vibe from the young people. As you know
      there are plenty of students there. I just published my first book, Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love affair with Italy, based on this blog and the second half of chapter six is about Bologna.

  3. imarancher

    A worthy project. Especially when considering what the world usually spends money on. The new IPhone 5 is expected to lift the US out of the current recession! Fix the Bridge and clean up the grafitti.

  4. Joe LaPanna

    I just hope they don’t do what they did with the Bridge of Sigh’s; ala use commercial money and solicit advertisers who will cover the thing like a billboard while it is under renovation!

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