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Sometimes I think the news in Italy is more interesting than the news in other places, especially when I hear about some laws that seem foreign to American standards.

iPhone 5 – Photo by CarlosHDD – Wikimedia Commons

Other times the news is very similar to what we have right here. So it really is no surprise that buyers in Bologna have waited in line for two days and nights to be able to be among the first to own an iPhone 5. With the University of Bologna, the city is home to many young people and students from other countries, so it is safe to assume that these are not all, or even mostly Italians.

Clock Tower in Bologna

With a price tag of 789 euros, the iPhone 5 is quite a chunk of change. With today’s currency exchange rate of $1.29 that translates to $943.40, and Italy has the highest cost for the iPhone 5 compared with other countries.Italy has a very high unemployment rate particularly among young people so my guess is that most of those waiting in line are foreign exchange students.

Bistro 18 in Bologna, Italy

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  1. Scott Erb

    I love seeing photos of Bologna – my old city. When I lived there a year Craxi was Prime Minister, the city government, led by the Communists did not allow any McDonald’s in the city, and nobody took credit cards and ATMs did not exist. But the food….the city from which we get cold cuts and green pasta isn’t called “la grassa” for nothing! Can’t believe that price though! Italians do like to be trendy and stylish – even with their phones!

  2. imarancher

    I was reading the economic news while you were doing this and I was surprised and a little suspicious that the iPhone5 was expected to measurably improve the finances in every nation that sold it. Apparently I was seriously wrong! I guess there is still plenty of money for toys in the world.

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