Colle d’Anchise, Italy – Birthplace of my Longano Grandparents

Colle d’Anchise


Here is a map of the village of Colle d’Anchise in the Molise region of Italy. My Longano grandparents were born here and I have cousins that live here now. I have placed a few pushpins on this map of some of the places that are interesting to see.

Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli


Once you click on “View larger map” you should be able to see the locations I have highlighted. Once you get to each location you can take the small yellow pegman and move him around to see more of the street view.

I notice that if you double click him he wall walk in the direction of the street he is on.

War memorial Colle d’Anchise


In the center of town in the location named Piazza Europa is an interesting memorial to the men who died in World War II from Colle d’Achise.

Chapel at the cemetery

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  1. Ray Douglass

    I was in Colle d’Anchise earlier this month. My maternal grandfather, Pelligrino Velardo was born there in 1897. While I didn’t find any living Velardo people, I did find many in the cemetary. I did find a lot of Bernardo relatives, D’Angelo, Spina and others. Impressive little town. Absolutely beautiful and full of nice folks.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello Margie, I don’t know where you are but I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and my grandmother’s sister Carmella was married to a lawyer named Robert Logano. Their family was also from Colle d’Anchise. I wonder if it’s the same branch. Their last name was Barletta. Weird. Buon Natale!

    • margieinitaly

      YES! That is my grandmother and grandfather!! I also am from Cleveland.My grandmother’s maiden name was Baratta. I did not know she had any sisters. What is the name of your grandmother? Please email me at We are likely related!

  3. anne krantz

    My maiden last name is D’anchise, I traced my great grandparents to Ellis Island when they came over with Danchise reading as their last name. I am convinced that their last name was likely not Danchise but that they may have written that in the box of where they were from. Are there records in the actual town?

    • margieinitaly

      Hello Anne, Thank so much for checking out my blog and taking time to comment. You might be right, and I hope you can discover more. They do keep records in that village, but when I was there, they were in books all written in long hand. Good luck.

  4. Maria DiRienzo,Cianciulli

    Hi my name is Maria Di Rienzo ,Cianciulli I was born in this town both my grandparents on both side ,the DiRienzo and the Tomaro s I came to America when I was 5 I still have cousins there don’t remember much my whole family went back i was 16 …. I would love to go back but then stupid Covid hit and I have cancer so can’t fly yet but some day I’m going too. I’m 67 years old I sure would love to see my town …I’m so glad I found you…are you able to post pictures my one of grandparents had a house near the cemetery and the other closer in town somewhere ….thank you so much ..Maria

  5. abl

    “Chapel at the cemetery” is actually Capella S. Nicola. Most of the names on the war memorial are the dead from WWI.

  6. Pam

    Hi Margie. I love your pictures! My family’s Italian last name is Colledanchise and we visited the village of Colle d’Anchise in 2010 with my two teenaged children. What an adventure! It was the first time being overseas from Canada. I’m wondering if you’d happen to know anything about the meaning of this village’s name. I know “Colle” means hill, but what/who is “Anchise”? I thought you might have come across some info. in your travels. Thanks so much! 🙂 Pam

  7. carmela fusca

    every time i look at the pictures i get home sick beautiful longano is my birth place thank you carmela fusca

  8. Andrea Cook

    margie, i tried to send on the internet but i guess it didn’t work. perhaps you could e-mail me your address and i’ll send it via mail. andrea

  9. Andrea Cook

    thanks so much for the pic’s. i feel more connected to my grandparents now that i’ve seen their village. did you get the pic i sent of your granmother from 1948 or so? andrea cook

  10. imarancher

    I’m with Ruth, the flowers make the picture alive. The ancient wall and the fragility of flowers. Lovely juxtaposition and done by nature.

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