Cesarò, Sicily – Birthplace of my Savoca Grandparents

I have been practicing with these Google Maps and created a map of the village of Cesarò in Sicily, where my maternal grandparents were born. I have visited this village three times and it is like stepping back in time. I have marked off a few spots that may be interesting to see.

If you first click on “View larger map” it takes you to the page where you can see a customized map with certain locations pinpointed by blue markers. Zoom in to Cesarò and the take the little yellow pegman on top of the zoom button and place him on these markers. You will then get a street view and you can move the pegman around to move down the street and around corners. I think it is amazing that you can see faraway places this way now!

You can really get an idea of how it is to drive on these narrow streets. This is where we almost drove down a staircase last spring when I was here with my brother and sister-n-law in a rented Peugeot.

Notice the old Sicilian men sitting around on benches in the piazza near the church and the stones on top of the tile roofs, Some of the door frames here are very old. I love these small villages in Italy.

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  1. Bella Remy Photography

    Such a charming village and how wonderful to be able to walk in the footsteps of your forefathers. Can’t believe you had the chance to spend 3 months in Italy, will definitely check out your book!

  2. Ed

    very nice, and i love having the map to explore. i’m kind of baffled that Cesarò has better street view coverage than Ithaca, NY, though!

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