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In the past few days I have made a lot of progress on my book since I decided to focus on it, and I sat down to write whenever I had the chance. One of the great things for me about writing about something I love is that it allows me to relive so much of what I am writing about and recapture the same sense of enthusiasm and excitement that I experienced when it was happening.

Riomaggiore in the Cinque Terre

It almost makes me feel as if I am back in Italy again. Writing also makes me remember more details about an event and I feel like I want to put them down on paper, so that the memory will never go away. While doing some of the book writing these past few days I also reviewed my thousands of photos to jog my memory about some details in certain places and I found some that I decided to post on this blog.They are a mix from many different places in Italy.

Table and ash tray made from twigs (Colle d’Anchise)
Nespole and cherries
Driving and Parking in Sicily
Beach near Rome Airport
Fresh fruit in Verona
Doria Castle in Vernazza
House in Manarola – Cinque Terre

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  1. imarancher

    Italy is an amazing place. Even an ashtray is a commentary on the beauty of twigs and bits. Perhaps a reflection on the end of all of us eventually, smokers or not. I liked the roof; out of nails, use decorative rock to hold the shingles down. Very clever until high winds ramp up! I think it was done for fashion. Beauty first, taste good second and everything else much further down the list of things to do in Italy.

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