Some Photos from Barcelona

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Although I was only in Barcelona for half a day I was able to see enough to know that it is a beautiful city and maybe one day I can return to see even more of it. I did make the most of my time and shot some photos of some of the highlights as well as some things I found interesting, like this one. It’s not just the Italians who like flowers on their balconies and hang out their laundry.

Barcelona apartments

OK this one qualifies as a highlight. Antoni Gaudi has many pieces of art and architecture throughout the city of Barcelona and Casa Batllo is one of the more recognizable buildings here as pure Gaudi.

Gaudi’s Casa Batllo in Barcelona
Sagrada Familia
Kids playing soccer in Barcelona
Beach in Barcelona
Olympic Stadium in Barcelona

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  1. Tiffany

    Love these kind of posts, where you can see a little bit into another culture. Looks like a beautiful place to be!

  2. Bonnie D.

    Beautiful buildings. I love tasty architecture and really hate the big square boxes that spread out across America in the 60’s through today. The apartment building with the flowery balconies was lovely in grey brick. Caso Battlo is magnificent, I could take a page and a half to tell you what I liked about it but will refrain. as did Ruth, and just mention it. The Cathedral of the Sacred Family is also memorable. I did find the high wire cages around the soccer field interesting. Americans are supposed to be the violent ones but football will never attract as many violent patrons as soccer does. Perhaps we have many outlets for our aggressive streak and Europeans have only soccer to get mad about?

  3. Ruth Rainwater

    Beautiful shots! I love the Gaudi building and the Sagrada Familia – great buildings. But then I never like ‘cookie-cutter’ anything. 🙂

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