Photo Editing and Writing

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It has been more three weeks since I have been back from Italy and just now finished writing my blog from the days I spent there. Unlike last spring when I had worked in time to relax and write, this trip was much busier and I really did not have the time to write.

Since I have been home I have been busy editing photos and writing for this blog as well as  my online travel articles for Yahoo Voices and Beachcomber Pete travel website. I just submitted an article to the Italian-American newspaper, La Gazzetta Italiana, which is a monthly print newspaper out of Cleveland, Ohio.

I have also been writing some hotel reviews, sending some thank notes and catching up on emails.  Along with the photo editing I have uploaded 15 photos to Panoramio, where they have all been accepted for inclusion in Google Earth. They are now active on the Google Earth site so when you search for Colle d’Anchise, for example, the birthplace of my grandparents, a photo I took with my name on it comes up.

Look for more photos from Italy on my next post!



  1. imarancher

    Mazel Tov Margie, not only are you adding to our life experiences but you are contributing to a global work of knowledge. No more will people be be lost in space trying to find a place in Colle d’ Anchise. All because of you.

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