Outdoor Markets in Italy

Almost every town in Italy has an outdoor market once or twice a week, and some even have it every day. These are usually where you can find things at prices much cheaper than in the shops.I love wandering about these places and usually end up buying something.

I often wondered how the local Italians managed to buy things that were so expensive in the shops and their salaries did not seem to be able to support that lifestyle. Now I understand much better. Like everywhere, you just have to know where to go.

Outdoor market in Trastevere

One my favorite places is the large San Lorenzo market in Florence where you can buy Italian made silk ties for three euros, fine Italian leather handbags for forty euros and good quality leather jackets for $150 euros and less.

San Lorenzo Market in Florence
Campo de’ Fiori Market in Rome
Outdoor market in Udine
Outdoor market in Venice

  1. imarancher

    Only place like that I have seen was in NYC many years ago. Clothes as far as the eye could see but I did not think the quality was top end. As a vegetarian I can’t explain why I am a sucker for leather goods. But nothing wears as well as leather nor feels as comfortable. And nothing is more stylish than Italian leather goods. Mmm good!

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