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Rome Termini Train StationTuesday May 8

At 9 pm we arrived at the Rome train station and went outside to grab a taxi. There was a line of taxis and a man told us to follow him for the taxi and said it would be 40 euros when I asked. I agreed to the price and said “Okay” and followed him. He started taking our luggage and walking across traffic and down a side street and I knew something was not right here but was taken off guard. Apparently he was not an official taxi but I did not realize it at the time. Eventually we got to a corner where another man was waiting in the “taxi” and the first man got into the passenger seat.

Although I had told him the address after about five minutes of driving the two men became agitated and must have realized that the address was further than they thought and now told me that it will be 67 euros and that it was at least 30 km away. Well I did not put up with that, especially now that I realized that these were not official taxi drivers.

I stood my ground and spoke in Italian and English telling that that we had an agreement and that all I was paying was 40 euros, or quaranta and I said basta, which means enough. The driver said OK and let the other man out. Afterwards the driver was nice and we arrived at the hotel soon enough. he even offered to stop at a money exchange place on the way, which we did not need.

Even though I have read of these scams and consider myself a savvy traveler I guess at the end of a day I got caught too but it ended up well. Beware to all travelers to Rome near the Termini station for these taxi scam artists.


The Hotel 10 Citta` was nice, very modern and new and met our needs since we were not sightseeing in Rome. It felt good to go to sleep and to know that starting tomorrow I will have a home on the cruise ship for a week and not have to be packing and unpacking.


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  1. newmexicotoitaly

    Thanks for your post (and congrats on your resolution). But, say it ain’t so…I’ve still got on rose-colored glasses when it comes to Italy despite witnessing my own Roman scams! Ciao

  2. imarancher

    Your luck is holding out Margie. Be careful, I know Italy is not a third world country but unless you are traveling with an armed guard, do not get into a car with two men in it. You might have a chance against one, but not two. And you are reading the post of a woman who has been mugged three times and beat all three into the ground. It is easier to stay safe than break their jaw (and your hand because we ladies were not built to fight). Do not take the first step off the line away from the official taxies. If they have your luggage just start screaming THIEF (in Italian if you know that word and I am sure you do). They probably do not want a confrontation in front of a cruise ship port, train station, etc. I can go from nice to “dangerous and crazy American” in about 0.3 of a second. It works for me but you are too much the lady. Stay safe, I really like reading this blog.

  3. Debra Kolkka

    I tell all my visitors to look out for this. You always need to go to the official line in front of the station….a taxi with a meter.

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