Travel in Italy – Lake Como Towns – Menaggio and Lenno



The shops were closed in Menaggio since it was the middle of the afternoon so we stopped in at a pasticceria and I tried a slice of cake which is typical for the region particularly Como.


It was made with apples and raisins and was delicious, of course with a cup of cappuccino! We browsed around the lakefront area of Menaggio for awhile until the shops re-opened at 3:30. I found the Vodafone shop and bought a SIM card for my phone.

Later we took the boat to the town of Lenno and when we arrived it was pouring, so we found a small pub where we got out of the rain and eventually had a bite to eat, some bruschetta and a glass of Merlot for me and a hamburger for Sue.

Eventually we got on the last boat to Bellagio, but not before running into three men who were drunk after celebrating too much across the street at Albergo Lenno where one of them had just gotten married. He informed us that he was 49 years old, undoubtedly a first marriage for this Italian male. We left there laughing

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  1. margieinitaly

    Grazie Bonnie,
    I am in the process of writing the book and hope to publish it as an ebook this fall. It is a memoir of my solo adventure in Italy last spring and based on my blog but with much more detail and new insight. Stay tuned for that!

  2. imarancher

    Where is this book you published? Bet it is even better than the blogs. I am a multicultural unit all by myself but oddly I have no Italian blood. Even odder is how much I love seeing Italy and all things Italian. The food, the fashions, the architecture and the people who seem so willing to befriend Americans and even take pictures with them. Margie has for sure found her “hometown,” it is all of Italy. Bonnie D.

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