More Photos from Nice

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Nice is really such a beautiful place in the south of France. I would have loved to have had more time there just to wander around and take photos!!!

Beach at Nice, France
Outdoor restaurant in Nice
Scooters in Nice
The French love their flowers!
Nice waterfront
Hotel in Nice

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  1. Bonnie D.

    Amazing, as a kid I ate marzipan at our Louisianna friends house at the Holidays. As I recall they made a great deal of it as they were Catholic, as were we, and all had plenty of children! And we ate it all, along with other amazing treats! There is a lot to be said for French cooking. If I could only have one type of food, French or Italian, Italian would win hands down. But oh those French treats!

  2. margieinitaly

    Bonnie, This is the French marzipan, or massepain, and it is made with ground almonds and sugar syrup. It is also a very popular treat in Italy, where it is called marzapane, especially at Christmastime and in Sicily. It is said to have originated in Palermo. It is shaped to resemble fruits and painted with food colorings. It is edible but some people use it as a decoration only since it looks too beautiful to eat.

  3. Bonnie D.

    If it is May it is Monte Carlo sounds nice. Just a fellow reminder of a shared lovely moment in time. Never rewrite your history. If it is Tuesday it must be Belgium is sort of an inside joke to some of us and that was the title of a movie. How much nicer to have been in Monte Carlo in spring. Now, what kind of fruit treat was in that last picture and is it usually served with the chocolate squares in the pic? Some of us sweet treat nuts want to know.

  4. Lori Samarin

    I remember back in the day, when I was a jet setter and frequented the French Riviera and the South of France, during the right seasons.. The saying for everyone -in the know- was ” If it’s May it must be Monte Carlo..” Sounds pompous, and it was, but Ohh… what great fun! “

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