Back from Italy

After almost 3 weeks in Italy I am back home in Florida. I had a great time and it went by fast since I was on the go so much. There was not much free time for writing or editing photos. I am way behind on posting on my blog so I am going to post things in retrospect. I have tons of photos to edit too and actually did some on the 11 hour plane ride back. I have taken plenty of photos of food since those seem to be so popular.


I definitely have jet lag, waking up after only three hours of sleep. I feel tired but can’t sleep. At least I have several days before I have to return to work.

I know there was a terrible earthquake Sunday morning near Bologna. Seven people have died and 500,000 are living in tents and temporary living quarters. Italy certainly has had their share of disasters this past year. I guess being near Salerno on the Amalfi Coast I was too far away to feel it.


After paying almost $10 a gallon for gas in Italy it’s a bargain to see signs for $3.45 a gallon and it felt good to do laundry at home in my own washer and dryer.


I will be posting very shortly with updates from the Cinque Terre next.


2 Responses

  1. Bonnie D.

    Dear fellow Americans, note the gas prices are for litres or a quart of gas and the price is Euros not dollars. A gallon is 4 quarts and thus the $10 per gallon rate. Another reason to cruise and not drive.

  2. Dan Douglas

    Welcome home!! I’m ooking forward to having a look at all the great pics !

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