Arrival in Cannes – A Tour of Nice and Later Eze

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Friday May 11

Live French entertainment upon arrival in Cannes
Cannes is on the French Riviera and from what I could see of it from the ship it looked beautiful. This is my first time visiting France and I have always heard that the south of France is really nice.

Port of Cannes
It was going to be hot today so I wore shorts and I am glad I did. The ship anchored so we had to use tenders to get ashore and Norwegian used their own lifeboats as tenders and the process was very organized and smooth. I was totally impressed.

Lifeboats used as tenders in Cannes

Arriving ashore in Cannes shortly after 9, my group boarded a bus where there was a French guide named Cecile. She spoke beautiful English with a wonderful French accent and she was extremely informative and funny. I usually dislike organized tours, but in a place where I do not speak the language and cannot even read the signs, this proved to be a great idea.

A view of Nice

After touring the city of Nice and seeing the highlights there and learning the history, the group had some free time and I wandered about the old town and visited the fantastic flower market.

Nice Flower Market

The market place was huge and you could find anything there including soaps, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, clothing and sponges from the ocean.

French soaps at the Nice Market
Sponges at the Nice Market
Fresh vegetables at the Nice Market
Fresh fish at the Nice Market

I found a small place where I bought a pain au chocolat and also was able to use wifi for free. The name of the place was called Delicious Deli and it made me smile. My memory card for my camera suddenly was full and of course my spare was back on the ship so I bought another one at a photo shop after asking a waiter for directions. Everyone I encountered all day in France was exceptionally nice and very friendly and some even spoke a little English.

It was time to meet the bus which would take me to the medieval village of Eze!

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  1. Bonnie D.

    I’m with Candace, I loved the soap and sponges. Even with a 99% loss of scent awareness I bet I could smell the soap perfume that makes French soap famous. Just a lovely thought to start my day.

  2. Candace

    I love the photos of colorful soaps and the natural sea sponges.

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