Photos – Food and Restaurants in Italy

I keep hearing that the photos of the food in Italy are everybody’s favorites,  so here are a few more plus some shots of some of my favorite kinds of places to eat in Italy – outdoor restaurants. Enjoy!

Margherita pizza in Florence
Fresh vegetables in Siena
Pasta near the Vatican
Caffe Longobardo in Cividale, Italy

I will be leaving for Italy in  a little over two weeks(I am so excited!)  and this time  I will be sure to capture many more shots of the fantastic food, and it will be more than pasta pomodoro for sure!

Outdoor restaurant in Rome
Outdoor restaurant in Trastevere, Rome

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  1. imarancher

    Not so sure these are my favorites! Everytime I see Italian food pictures it is pasta and lots of vegetables for dinner. I am pretty sure I exceed Weight Watchers recommended caloric intake for the day, perhaps the week! Oh how good this stuff is. And I agree with the above, the whole world loves Italian food (and shoes and . . . et al).

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