Mt Etna Erupts Again in Sicily

Well for the 5th time this year Mt Etna has erupted again in Sicily spewing lava and ash into the neighboring towns.

Although this was one of the places I was planning on visiting next month, I am beginning to question whether it is a good choice or not. At least no plans are made in stone and flexibility is the name of the game when traveling to Italy and especially Sicily.

At this point I am leaning on skipping an excursion here and exploring another part of Sicily instead. I will have to consult with my friend and travel partner Sue, who is the one who originally was interested in going to Etna. Veddiamo (We’ll see).

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  1. margieinitaly

    OK OK. After reading all your comments and also hearing from a few other friends including my Sicilian friend Angela, who advised me to go, I am going. Why not? It is after all an adventure! I spoke with Sue today and we agreed to go for it. I am sure it will probably erupt again before we get there. Little Earthquake, it may just about when you are there….Keep your camera nearby!!!

    • imarancher

      Alright Lil Earthquake! Excellent attitude. There is no point to being too careful with yourself, enjoyment comes from overcoming the inconvienences of life and travel. Do it and drag Margie with you. (I doubt she will need much encouragement to see Mr. Etna in full glory.)

      • Little Earthquake

        Ha – well if inconvenience morphs into imminent danger, then yeah, my wife and I will be careful. But for now it’s a chance to witness something spectacular (safely).

  2. imarancher

    Italy is sure getting slapped around these days. Floods, cruise ship disasters, volcanos. . a good thing Margie is keeping the tourist trade in business. If you decide to see the volcano in action, well, Etna is pivotal to history in that area. Carry on!

  3. Donna

    I don’t know. Seeing the flows might be spectacular. I’m sure the locals would let you know if it was unsafe.

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