Italy Photo Collage – Not Your Typical Tourist Photos

To say that I like taking photos when I am in Italy is an understatement. I don’t go anywhere without my camera and all I can say is thank God for digital cameras!

Silk Ties for Sale in Siena

I certainly have taken my share of the typical tourist landmarks in Rome, Florence, Venice and the other  major cities in Italy, and when I return home the editing process takes me forever.

From the Rooftop at Eremo Gaudio Hotel in Varenna

But I am also drawn to the more unusual subject matter and here is a sample of what I found  interesting, and what you probably won’t see in  any travel books on Italy.   Enjoy.

Inside a Newer Train in Italy
Guarding the British Embassy in Rome
Inside a Laundromat in Carrara
Behind the Scenes at a Winery in Tuscany
Polish Television Media Truck in Rome

3 Responses

  1. Florence

    Awesome pics…I love the silk ties in Siena. I found a “little” store there with handmade silk scarves. Absolutely stunning pieces of work. Then I found a little shop with handmade painted pottery. Perhaps this would explain why everything I went to Italy with in suitcases stayed in Italy.

    • imarancher

      Florence, here is a trick a friend of mine uses. Mail the dirty clothes and hair dryer and so on and so forth home. Send it the cheapest way possible. She sends it to me and I throw it in the barn until she gets back. Then she fills up her suitcases with treasure (and always brings me a little something). With the prices the airlines charge for luggage these days it is a lot cheaper to ship stuff home by slow boat to the USA.

  2. imarancher

    I got the giggles checking out the digital receiver named SWE*DISH on the media truck. But what I love about the pics is the snapshot in time. Along with the rest of the preserved history of the Romans we have Margie’s temporal moment. Never to be the same again, but preserved forever. I am happy to have had the opportunity to view that bit of soon to be history.

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