First in a Series of 3 Photo Books is Finally Completed

At the expense of putting my book on hold for the past week or so, I have finally completed one of my other projects. I am publishing a series of three photos books through featuring the photos I shot while I was in Italy last spring.

I have created several of these books in the past and this one is different because there is no text, only photos and I used a black background. I am eager to see how it turned out in the hardback version I ordered, which should arrive in a week or so.

Three Months in Italy photo book

Blurb has added the capability of creating the book as an eBook also , so I have already downloaded that onto my iPad. It is available on the Blurb website and can be downloaded through iTunes,if anyone is interested.

For a preview you can click here and check out 41 of the 262 pages. Comments are welcome, as well as suggestions, since I will be doing two more books. This one is of the first month of my trip, which covered the regions of Veneto, Friuli, Umbria and Tuscany.

I'm always interested in your thoughts, so please leave a comment.