Transportation Modes in Italy

Aside from walking there are various modes of transportation in Italy and I have used all of them except the bikes and motorcycles.

Scooters in Siena
Ferry Boat on the Amalfi Coast

Since Italy is a peninsula and has 4712 miles of coastline, boats are a common transportation mode.

Trenitalia's High Speed Trains in Italy
Tourist bike in Borghese Park in Rome
Italy's Passenger Cars
Regional Trains in the Cinque Terre
Boats in a residential neighborhood in Venice
Tourism Bike in Rome's Borghese Park

2 Responses

  1. imarancher

    I love the bikes decked out like golf carts. Exercise with a sun shade built in. How do you lock it up when you are shopping? Let me guess, Italians won’t bother them. Nice. As to the motorcycles, are you sure they aren’t scooters? Motorcycles tend to be a little too powerful for the average aged tourist. Scooters can be managed by children all the way to oldsters. In the Bahamas and other islands they are a primary mode of transportation. In Italian movies I see scooters, not cycles. However, if I am wrong then your next trip has to have a pic of you posing with a Harley or the Italian version of one, lol.

    • margieinitaly

      You are so right…These are scooters, not motorcycles, and they are much easier to navigate Italy’s narrow streets. it seems like everyone has one!!!

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