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I think it’s interesting to discover differences between the laws in the U.S. and the laws in Italy. Many are similar and others are very different, perhaps a commentary on the differences in lifestyles.

Armed law enforcement in Milano

Some of Italy’s laws seem really weird and in fact Jeffrey Fisher has written a book on the subject, called Stupid Laws of Italy.

On a beach near Venice in the town of Eraclea it is illegal to build sandcastles on the beach. The authorities cite  “obstructing the passage” as the reason. That would never fly in Florida for sure.

Italian beach

Kissing in a moving car in the town of Eboli south of Naples will get you a fine up to 500 euros, and certain baby names out outlawed in Italy. Italy’s Appeals Court ruled several years ago that if the “name is likely to limit social interaction and create insecurity” it will not be allowed. The Italian courts have even ordered the parents to rename the child a more traditional Italian name chosen by the court.


Just last summer the Italian high court, the Court of Cassation, decided that it is legal to grow marijuana in small amounts in pots on your balconies, saying it “could cause no harm.” The case in particular related to a marijuana plant that yielded approximately half an ounce of the weed.

I love going to Italy but I like living in the U.S.

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  1. imarancher

    Debra is so right. I seem to remember Moon Doggy starting the trend back in the 60’s. Idiots. Change your own name to Celestial Green Tea if you like the name. Don’t burden the kids. Even if the song was cute (A Boy Named Sue).

    And to the pics; the LEO has a cute, ah, trailer. Just saying.

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