Italy Travel Planning and Boutiques

I have been getting ready to go to Italy again soon and since part of the trip includes a  Med cruise I have been spending a lot of time on the Cruise Critic message boards. They are a great source of information as well as a way to connect with fellow passengers through their “Roll Calls,” and arrange shore excursions and transfers at a fraction of the cost.

Verona's Ponte Pietra Bridge

This will be my first experience traveling to France and also Spain and I am looking forward to both. Not being as adventurous in countries where I not only do not speak the language but can’t even read the signs, I am opting for tours. I will be posting to my blog from these sites while I am there so stay tuned.

I am excited because I have also decided to go to the Cinque Terre again and I will be able to see first-hand how the towns of Vernazza and Monterosso are recovering from the devastating flooding last fall. From what I am reading, many of the hotels in Monterosso should be ready to open this month and some  in April. It is going to take a lot longer for Vernazza but they are working at it.

View from the top of Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome

One of the frequent commenters on my blog shares my passion for Italy and we have been corresponding and have become friends. She even had my Italy note cards for sale in her boutique in Montana, and now she has opened a boutique online which has a lot of beautiful items, many of which are from Italy. You can check it out here at Bellissima Boutique-Bridal.

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  1. Florence

    Thank you friend for speaking of our friendship and my boutique: Bellissima boutique-bridal…
    You are a wonderful friend and it is my pleasure to not only call you friend but to list your cards for sale in my online boutique.
    You are going to have such a fantastic time once again and in my dreams I am there also.

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