Eating in Italy – Outdoor Trattorias, Restaurants, and More

I don’t pretend to know the difference between trattorias, osterias, restaurants, or cafés in Italy. All I know is that whenever I had the chance I would always choose to eat outside. There is just something about the atmosphere that I love! And it amazes me how a small space, an alley or a sidewalk can be transformed into an outdoor eatery with ambience. It is one of the wonderful things about Italy.

Outdoor restaurant in Italy
Ristorante S. Eufemia in Verona, Italy
Bistro 18 in Bologna, Italy
Outdoor restaurant in Rome, Italy
Outdoor restaurant in Bellagio,Italy on Lake Como
Pizzeria du Tunnel in Courmayeur, Italy
Restaurant in Cisternino, Italy

2 Responses

  1. Bonnie D.

    I’m with Florence. It is the feeling of belonging that calls us to outdoor bistros. The ability to watch the crowd, enjoy the local food and so much less touristy than bigger, chain type hotels and coffee shops. I have no idea how they keep the places clean but clearly they do. Wish I had a coffee anda (a muffin, biscuit, etc, et al, ie a “anda>.” In Miami that would be a cafe con leche y pan tostados, por favor. A great way to start the day.

  2. Florence

    Awesome pictures once again Margie!
    I loved eating outside every day while there.. We can eat outside where we live, but somehow there it was more than just the eating outside…it was the ambience and not being on vacation but actually experiencing and living it!
    Oh your pictures made me miss it all the more

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