Capri, Italy Natural Beauty and Weird Italian Laws


The tiny island of Capri on the Amalfi Coast is so beautiful but also has some weird laws. Capri is a must-see destination and I was fortunate enough to be able to visit there for the first time last spring. I will be returning again this May by way of a ferry boat from Sorrento.

Capri, Italy

Capri has long been known as a resort for the rich and famous and is home to some of the most expensive real estate in Italy. The homes and buildings are gleaming white and the streets are very clean, drawing millions of tourists from all over every year.

Street in Capri

I found it interesting reading of a few local statutes put into place in the past year or two by Mayor Ciro Lembo and Municipal Police Chief Marica Avellino.

View in Capri

Apparently the mayor, in an effort to maintain the pristine streets and sidewalks in Capri, initiated DNA testing of doggy doo and a fine of 2000 euros for owners not cleaning up after their pets. In a town of 7000 residents and 1000 dogs the mayor felt compelled to do something about this problem.

It is already a law for all dogs in Capri to have blood tests to screen for various canine diseases. Can you imagine the cost involved to do DNA testing on all this doggy doo?

This is not the only law that seems weird on this resort island in Italy. A year ago the police chief announced a ban on noise pollution during the summer months so as not to interfere with tourists enjoying a relaxing stay on Capri.

Between April and October there is a ban on the use of noise-making machinery like lawnmowers, cement mixers, power drills and mini-tractors used to transport supplies up the steep hills on the island. The fine can be as steep as 500 euros.

And just recently  this same mayor announced intentions to erect floating pontoon type commercial signs  near the famous Blue Grotto as a way of cashing in on the tourist attraction. This has obviously been met with protest from many factions in Capri.

Busy Piazza in Capri

In addition it has apparently been a law for many years that visitors to the island cannot wear clogs since they make too much noise. Try enforcing that one.

Interestingly it has been reported in the Italian news just two weeks ago that Mayor Lembo along with Police Chief Marica Avellino have been indicted on charges related to abuse of office. Imagine that.

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  1. imarancher

    Imagine that, abuse of power indeed! I hear that California is having the same problem with the starlets and harlets and their critters. Although the size of those dogs must mean the offense is very tiny. Since there is an enormous backlog of criminals waiting to be taken off the street if their blood specimens ever make it “through the system” I expect a backlash if lab time is diverted on the, uhm what? Poop-gate? Well, silly people aside, I recognized the blue grotto from all the times I have seen it on TV and could just imagine the tourists and little boats and the serenades singing away for ambience. Italy, what a place, everybody feels like they know it, even me!

  2. simpletravelourway

    We visited for several days, staying in the less touristy Anacapri, and walking al over the island. It is really a special place. I think the best way to see Capri is to stay longer than a day and getting beyond the crowded harbor/town. That’s when the magic begins.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow! Such interesting information, Margie!!! Thanks! Can’t wait to visit Capri!!!

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