Inside a Store in Bologna

This photo belongs in the post about unusual things seen in Italy but I couldn’t find it when I wrote that post. I was in a store in Bologna and thought it was so odd that there was a display of condoms right next to the rice cakes.  By the way this was a  health and nutrition type of store. Very interesting.

Condoms and Rice Cakes in Bologna

I have been doing a lot of writing lately on my book about my solo adventure in Italy last spring. I am hoping to complete it by the end of the summer and publish it as an eBook. The more I write the more I seem to remember and am really enjoying it. It is based on my blog but with much more detail, insight and some things that I intentionally left out when I was writing the blog from Italy. Stay tuned.

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  1. Such a very Catholic nation and such a lot of condoms! Ah well, to each their own. Looking forward to the book!

  2. cameron theron

    Why do the so many people in Rome HATE dogs?

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