Update on Lucia

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I want to thank everyone who has reached out in support and encouragement to my friend Lucia but as they say in Italy, “che sarà sarà,” or “what will be will be.”

I just wanted to let you know that I finally was able to speak with Lucia by
Skype today and the deadline for confirming with Disney is tomorrow, which is almost now in Italy with the time difference. She already told them she is not going to be able to come because of the monetary issues.

After talking more with her and letting her in on my intentions with the blog post, etc., she was very moved by the sentiments of Americans to offer her encouragement and support.  I think she is not that disappointed in not coming here now because she is focused on attending the university in Italy later this year.

So while I am disappointed I applaud her efforts and determination to accomplish the goal of getting an education. Like she says, she can come to America after that. The most important thing she told me today is that she believes in herself.

Mille  grazie!

  1. signorinabella

    I just read your posts today about Lucia – it is disappointing that she will not be coming to America now. However I’m happy to read that she will plan to visit in the future – maybe her school offers a study abroad in America program? Either way, I wish her every personal and professional success!

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