Shoes in Italy

Italy is considered to be the fashion capital of the world and the fashions appear here up to a year or more before the U.S. catches on. I am intrigued by the shoe styles in Italy and even more so by the fact that people are comfortable walking in some of these styles. Here are just a few that I could not resist. I especially like the first one and cannot imagine walking on cobblestones and hills all day in these.

White high top lace up shoes
White high top lace up shoes

Two pair
Black heels
Black boots
Short black boots
Lacy legs and gray heels

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  1. imarancher

    I thought I was the only one who knew about resoling shoes! When I was a student nurse back in the early 60’s the leather shops would resole us for free. Watchmakers fixed our watches for free. It was a different world. When I was competeing on horses I had one pair of lucky boots that were resoled and resoled. My Aunt got tired of them and poured a cup of water in them. When I pulled them out they were molded from the inside out! Arghh. Had to get another lucky pair!

    Now, as to those high heeled lace up shoes. They are very old school. In black with shorter laces they were what our nuns wore in school. And they are also very now, I saw a pair of the whites on one of the Entertainment news the other days. A friend of mine called attention to them by saying, “Look at the high heeled sneakers.” (We are fans of Little Richard!). Twenty years ago he would be trying to buy me a pair. Now I will be lucky to get a daisy out of the yard for V. Day.

    Ah old age. . . not for sissies! And only those of us over the hill have trouble walking in pretty shoes. What pain? Pain is for when you are old.

  2. lorisamarin

    Italian men are fashionistas just as much as the women: the latest style or a classic look is always accompanied by an expensive, well constructed shoe. Italy rules when it comes to top quality handcrafted items, including hand crafted shoes that men love. While expensive, they fit like a glove, are extremely comfortable and last for a decade (with the help of an occasional visit to the shoe maker who resoles the shoe).

  3. George Miklas

    There is something to be said for the fashion that is evident by these shoes.

  4. florence belcourt

    Oh yes! Aren’t they gorgeous some of them?
    For sure I came home with one pair of 4 inch black heels (Rome), and one pair of handmade butterscotch leather boots (Florence)…
    As the Italians say “fashion first, pain later”

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