Rome Continues to Deal with Snow

Today ANSA, the Italian news agency, reports that parts of Rome got up to 20 inches of snow and they are still dealing with the aftermath of high fuel use and closed roads and offices. Although they are expecting things to begin to normalize by Tuesday, more snow is on the way.

In the interior regions of Rome, and in particular in Abruzzo, the tiny village of Colled’Anchise got plenty of snow and the kids are making the most of it. This is the village of my paternal grandparents and I have cousins there, so thanks to their Facebook pages I was able to see the photos.

Priest in front of Church in Colle d'Anchise with snow

Here is a photo of the church where my grandparents were married, compliments of the Facebook page of the church, Parrochochia Santa Maria degliangeli. The man standing at the top of the steps is Don Fredy, the priest who helped me look through the church records related to my grandparents’ marriage and baptisms. I am glad I am going in the spring instead of now.

  1. Bonnie D.

    Very very cool weather! It is nice to see pictures of the people whom you mentioned in your original blog. I am begining to think I was on the trip with you.

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