People of Italy

One of the best things about Italy are the Italian people themselves. Even people who aren’t Italian or of Italian descent always say the same things about the Italians. They are warm, passionate and happy people. I loved the people when I was there and that is one of the reasons I keep going back.

Here are some photos of just a day in the life of the Italian people  –


A Sicilian selling pizza in Palermo


Four Italian men shooting the breeze on the Church steps in Longano


A shoemaker in Palermo cutting the leather by hand to make men’s shoes


A woman in Rome selling my favorite dolci


A man cleaning his vegetables from the back of his truck in Martina Franca


A man in his workshop in Colle d’Anchise, village of my paternal grandparents and home of my newly discovered cousins

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  1. Tony Carango

    Margie my wife and I just came back from visiting Italy and of course my grandparents home village of Longano. I met a few cousins but we couldn’t make proper family connections other than we all have the same last name (Caranci) my name unfortunately was changed to Carango. You are correct the most friendly people we have ever met. Would go out of there way to help in any way.
    Loved Italy need to go back and to my Maternal Grandparents village Biccari.
    Nice post

  2. Triquetra

    I’m from Palermo. That specific type of pizza is called “Sfincione”. It’s a culinary specialties of my city and a very traditional tasty street food. 🙂

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you! I have not heard of this before but will definitely have to try some on my next visit! I loved it that they were selling pizza from a roadside cart!

  3. imarancher

    Never been to Italy but I know a lot of Italian Americans and they are all very warm people. From Tony and Al in my youth and Georgio in my adulthood, nice people. And then there was Margie. The only other sane person and excellent nurse at a place I worked. Of course, that is the Margie of this blog. A really fine person. She manages to see the best in everyone.

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