My Italian Friend Lucia

This is about my young Italian friend Lucia from Brindisi. She is 20 years old and I met her on the bus to Ostuni and then bumped into her again the following day while exploring the town. I was impressed with her and found her to be very inspiring because at that time she was only 19 and working and living on her own and supporting herself in southern Italy. That is a real accomplishment today especially for a girl.

I was impressed with her motivation when she told me she wants to be independent. She showed me her house, which was very tiny but extremely clean and she was proud of herself. She has aspirations to go to school and study nursing.

For now however she applied to Disney and after two interviews was selected to come to the U.S. and work at Epcot in the Italy Pavilion through the guest worker program. I am so thrilled for her since this can be the opportunity to change her life.

I would like to help her be able to fulfill this dream. She is supposed to depart in July but is not sure she will be able to come because she does not enough money for the airfare and the visa application. She is trying to do what she can to earn money between now and then. Right now this is the off season for jobs like hers.

If anyone shares my interest in wanting to help Lucia by way of a small donation please send me a personal message by using this contact form. It is a way to contact me directly without having your message or email address published.

She does not know that I am doing this and I am sure she would be so appreciative. Her smile and positive attitude and motivation will be a plus for the Disney Company without a doubt.

I'm always interested in your thoughts, so please leave a comment.