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Lately I have been exerting much of my energy into several projects and really enjoying them. I have started taking a conversational Italian class with Lori, the same teacher from whom I had taken the Italian grammar classes prior to my trip to Italy last spring.

The classes so far are a good challenge for me because the other three students are all better at Italian than I am and I have to really put forth an effort to keep up. For an hour and a half the class is mostly conversation in Italian and there is a little reading for pronunciation and comprehension as well. I really need the practice so that I can still communicate in Italian when I go back to Italy in a few months.


I also have my photo note cards up and running on the Etsy site and if you like you can check it out here. CARDZBYMARGIEEEE

Marketing and sales are not my forte so not much is happening in that area yet but it is a work in progress.

I am also planning the Italy trip and am online on Cruise Critic arranging a personalized excursion for 6-8 people on the Amalfi Coast.

The other thing that really excites me is that I have finally gotten serious about writing my book and am on the third chapter as of now. The book is based on my blog with much more detail and insight.  I set some goals and deadlines for myself and am writing every day so I hope to be able to publish it by the end of the summer.

Lake Como

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  1. imarancher

    Lake Como is breathtaking. Just saying. . .

    Have you noticed that it is now much easier to earn money than when we were raising kids and paying for houses and such? It is beyond my comprehension that I can wheel and deal in the cow market and make thousands with a few phone calls. And I am too lazy to do much of it.

    I hope that you do very well with your new endeavors. You are certainly entertaining enough for the masses and intellectual enough for the rest of us. That is a winning comination. Count on me to buy the book!

    I answered three of these notes tonight and only one of them had a “like” site to click. A big mystery to me. I like them all!

    Adios por noche (not sure how that goes in Italian). Bonnie D.

  2. lorisamarin

    Congratulations Margie

    You are taking quantum leaps! Best wishes all for your travel related endeavors.

    Buon proseguimento……….

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