Italians in Uniform

For some reason I felt compelled to take photos of Italians in uniform, so enjoy….

Armed law enforcement in Milan
Postal workers in Siena
Swiss Guard in Vatican City
Police officers in Italy
Two nuns in Italy

2 Responses

  1. Bonnie D.

    80% of the pics are all about the guys. I think we have a motive for the uniform pics! In re the Swiss Guard uniforms, I see that designers have been crazy for at least as long as they have been wearing orange and navy blue stripes in a military uniform. Unless they expect invaders to die laughing! Those colors represent my favorite college team, Florida State but somehow they lose relevance when done with striped spats over shoes. And bear in mind this is a volunteer militia. Nobody drafted them and forced them to dress as Halloween children. Oh well, perhaps the job pays well. As to the post office crew, nice duds but riding motorcylces? Our people would fall over in shock while filing protests with the union to document the case for their lawyers! As to the nuns and their fashionable sandals, well, you know the best shoes come from Italy!

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