Doors in Italy

When I was in Italy I was fascinated with how ancient the buildings were and in particular the doors. They seemed to have so much character. Here are some of the ones I found interesting enough to photograph.

Old green door

Since the Italians are not known for their height these small doors worked well.

Old door with stone
Doors up the hill in Colle d'Anchise, village of my grandparents
The old and the new
Very very very old doors in Colle d'Anchise

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  1. Anonymous

    I looked up your blog and I find it has some beautiful photographs. Did you take these? Terrific!
    I’ll keep checking back. Marita

    • margieinitaly

      Grazie Marita
      Yes Photography has always been a passion of mine and all the photos are ones I have taken. I’m glad you have enjoyed them! Margie

  2. imarancher

    I loved the green door and the truly ancient doors from Colle d’Anchise. I see Debra noted Finnish Doors of interest. I love America but it is a very young country. An ancient door here would be about 200 years old.

    Another good place to see doors is Mexico and for the same reason that these are. They are made by artisans and no two are the same. Even when made by the same Artist for the same building the personality of the doorway must be taken into consideration.

    Isn’t it fascinating that a left brained person can be mystified by the thinking of the art world but still enjoy the results? And apparently I am not alone.

  3. Debra Kolkka

    I love the old doorways in Italy. I have done a post on the, a while ago. I did one called Fabulous Finnish doors as well. They are amazing.

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